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Mindset Shifts to Make While You’re Cold Emailing Potential Clients

19 November 2020 | by Gina Lucia

Cold emailing can seem a little daunting, scary, and uncertain. But as a marketing technique and strategy, it’s one of the fastest to see results and one of the easiest to get into.

So in this article, I’m going to help you make some mindset shifts before and while you’re cold emailing.

Cold emailing mindset shifts to make before you start

You might be struggling with the idea of sending cold emails in the first place. If that’s the case, then here are some mindset shifts you need to make before you get started.

Mindset shift #1: If you don’t cold email them, how are they going to find you?

In other words:

  • Are they going to find you via social media or your website?
  • Will this happen by chance?
  • Or do you have a very specific strategy for that very particular client to find you?

I can guarantee that you will not be able to determine that particular client’s path to finding you unless you find them and contact them first.

Usually when clients find you via social media, it’s by chance or by them intentionally looking for someone and then determining via your social media platform if they think you’re a good fit. And then they have to reach out to get in touch with you. That process is lengthy and uncertain.

So if you send a cold email to them instead, you’re cutting that entire process out and taking full control of it.

Mindset shift #2: It’s not spam if you write your email intentionally, do your research and offer a way to help them

Cold emails you might have received in the past may appear spammy because they’re not tailored to you and they certainly don’t help you or your business.

You’re not going to produce emails like that because you’re an intentional business owner and you actually want to see results. You’re not interested in cutting corners either, so you’ll do your research on the company, make sure you personalize the email to them.

Therefore, it’s not spam.

Mindset shift #3: Cold emailing isn’t scary

Repeat that one in your mind. Cold emailing isn’t scary.

The fear you have about starting cold emailing may be justified just like it is with anything new you try. When you try anything new, most of the time, it’s scary until you start going and you realize it’s not scary anymore.

With cold emailing. This is no different.

After all, the worst that can happen when you send a cold email is that somebody doesn’t reply. That’s it.

It’s the least scary form of marketing.

Less scary than cold calling because you’re not directly talking to somebody and you don’t have to think on your feet.

It’s less scary than social media because you can see a direct end result to your efforts.

You don’t have to get on video.

You don’t have to build an email list.

All you have to do is send an email and I bet you do that daily, right?

cold emailing mindset

Cold emailing mindset shifts to make while you’re cold emailing

Okay, so we’ve talked about the mindset shifts you need to meet before you even start cold emailing. But say you’ve already begun cold emailing clients, what mindset shifts do you need to make while you’re cold emailing them?

Mindset shift #1: Dream clients do not exist

You need to move your mindset away from thinking that the emails that you’re sending are to dream clients.

Instead, you need to be looking at these clients as simply potential clients.

You may love the idea of working with a particular client but if you call them a dream client and they reject you or don’t reply, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Make sure you refer to each client you email as a potential client. This way, they’re not a dream client. They’re simply neutral. Then if they reply or they don’t reply, your strategy behind getting back to them is also neutral.

You can then focus on closing a sale rather than getting emotionally attached to the client.

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Mindset shift #2: There will always be more potential clients you can email

There’s nothing worse than letting your mind stop you from continuing to cold email potential clients.

You may be in the position where you’ve been cold emailing potential clients previously or you’re just getting started and you’re feeling a bit let down.

You’ve sent 10 clients cold emails and have had a reply from none of them. So you feel like you’ve either failed or cold emailing doesn’t work for you. This simply isn’t the case. You need to keep going.

There will always be more clients to email and more ways that you can improve your cold emailing efforts to sink in and convert new clients.

If you always go for the mindset that there will be more potential clients to email rather than a limited mindset, you’re setting yourself up for success. Which brings me on to my next mindset shift.

Mindset shift #3: Rejection means you’re one step closer to your goal

That’s right, rejection is a big part of cold emailing.

It goes without saying that because you’re cold emailing people out of the blue and you have no prior connection to them whatsoever, you are going to be rejected.

But knowing how to handle this is a skill and coming back from it is an even better skill to learn.

Rejection will make you stronger, trust me. And it will help you refine your cold emails as you go. You do not want to be scared of it. In fact, you should expect it. And all rejection means is that that person who has rejected you is allowing you to be one step closer to finding the client that will say yes.

I know this more than most because I’ve had my fair share of cold email rejections. I’ve even had a few angry ones.

But if you detach your emotional attachment from the response of these emails, you can look at them objectively, see if you need to tweak your cold email or not, and then try again with the next client. This way, you’re pushing forward and using that rejection to your advantage.

Okay, so there we have it, six mindset shifts you need to make before and during cold emailing.

So tell me in the comments, what’s your mindset around cold emailing? And are you thinking of starting?