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How to Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures

1 July 2021 | by Gina Lucia

Enjoying life’s simple pleasures is one of the easiest ways to bring more happiness and fulfilment to your life. But stuck with the same routine day in and day out, we forget to pay attention to them.

By focusing on the simple things in life, life can be pretty amazing. In fact, by making simplicity a priority, you’ll feel way more gratitude for life in general. 

So, in this article, I’ll break down what a simple pleasure is, how to find yours and how to create more of them. Because each of us is uniquely different, so will our simple pleasures.

simple pleasure reading

What are simple pleasures? 

So, what are simple pleasures in the first place?

Well, as the name suggests, simple pleasures are the simplest indulgences and enjoyment that make a person happy, fulfilled, and satisfied. 

This can be anything from having a glass of wine in the evening with a good book, making your coffee and enjoying it in your favourite armchair, or just listening to your favourite song. 

The idea of simple pleasures is to indulge in something that’ll give your overall happiness a boost. You might wonder whether there some universal list of simple pleasures that just work for everyone.

The answer is more than obvious – each person is different and unique in their tastes, lifestyle, and habits, and with that, the simple pleasures are different from person to person.

So, how do you find the simple pleasures in your life?

simple pleasures walking

How to enjoy life’s simple pleasures 

Knowing how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures means that you’ll need to find out what makes you happy and gives you pleasure. When you find those things, you’ll experience a new and happier take on life. 

Find the simple pleasures in your life 

When was the last time you felt happy and satisfied with the small things that you do in your daily life?

Think back to the things that bring you calmness and ultimate satisfaction that you practice on a daily basis. Well, the answer to that question will lead you to what your simple pleasures are. 

The smell of fresh sheets or a vase full of roses will trigger some positive emotions that you’ve forgotten about in your everyday routine.  

To give you some examples, here are some common simple pleasures:

A walk near the water

If you’re living somewhere near the water, take the opportunity to de-stress yourself with a calming walk. The water has a healing power on the mind and it can deliver different emotions and make your mind more relaxed. 

To get the most out of this simple pleasure, choose a time for a walk when it isn’t too crowded. It’ll rejuvenate you as never before. 

Listen to your favourite music

One great way to enjoy life’s simple pleasures is to listen to your favourite music. Indulging in this simple pleasure is to listen to your favourite genre, while you relax, bathe or just do some house chores. 

Either that or simply sit with the music playing and do nothing else. Just appreciate the music for what it is with no distractions.

Prepare your favourite meal

Eating healthy is one of the things that lead to a longer and healthier life. But, what’s life without pleasures? 

Enjoying food is definitely one of the biggest and simplest pleasures that a person can indulge. If you want to lift your mood, and just enjoy the food, prepare your favourite meal. Let loose in the tastes, and take your time to properly enjoy it. 

Read a good book

Most of us don’t have the time to read a book. However, even just a few pages before going to bed can be great for the mind. 

Reading is an activity that relaxes the mind. It’ll set you aside, even if it just for a short time, from the stress, the worrying, and the errands that are waiting on you. 

Make reading an intentional activity, grab a cup of tea to enjoy with it and enjoy the silence and solitude it gives you – even for a short while.

Do some gardening

Doing some gardening or caring for just one plant can bring you a lot of joy. Each new leaf or a flower is the representation that you’re doing something right and that your efforts are turning into results. 

Keep things intentional by wiping the dust off your plant’s leaves, watering it slowly, or simply sitting and admiring its beauty.

simple pleasure of gardening

How to enjoy them more

Finding and doing these activities isn’t enough to see their full benefit. On the contrary, if you don’t know how to enjoy them, you’ll end up wasting your time. You’ll be dissatisfied and even irritated by not achieving anything. 

The simple pleasures bring joy to life. If you properly absorb and regularly practice them, you’ll learn how to enjoy them. 

If you don’t enjoy them, then there’s no purpose in doing them. They’ll only become another one of your daily activities and routines that you do without noticing.

For example, a quiet walk by the river will be additionally beneficial if you manage to relax, observe nature, enjoy the weather, and being with your thoughts or enjoy someone else’s company. 

Reading a book isn’t just about reading. It’s letting your mind go to some new place where there’s a whole other world, a fantasy that will set you aside from reality. 

Enjoying all these different activities will bring you a new take on how you see and experience things and life in general. 

the simple pleasure of rain

Make time for more simple pleasures

Many of us find it hard to enjoy life’s simple pleasures because we’re busy or lack time. 

If you don’t manage to take the time for yourself, you’ll be stuck in that regime and routine. You’ll get filled up with frustration and even more stress, rather than relaxation and healthy life. 

The change begins with us, with the desire and the need to change and to contribute to a better and more prosperous life. 

Making time for little pleasures doesn’t mean it has to be something complicated and large. It might not even take a lot of time. Sometimes only 1-2 minutes is enough to recharge and rejuvenate. 

These types of pauses, where you can do something that you like and something that makes you happy are exactly enough to make the necessary change for the better. 

Here are some other examples of life’s simple pleasures that you can easily enjoy:

  • The smell of a fresh bag of coffee beans.
  • The sense of satisfaction after morning yoga.
  • Riding a bicycle.
  • Being kind to a stranger.
  • The smell of rain after a hot day.
  • Donating unused stuff or clothes.
  • Feeling the breeze on your skin.
  • Walking barefoot in the sand or grass.
  • And so much more.

Enjoy the simple things in life

To really focus on the simple pleasures in life, find something that calms you, inspires you, brings you a feeling of relief and satisfaction. 

When you find that, you’ll learn to appreciate that time, even it’s short. From there, you’ll go on exploring simple life pleasures.