How to motivate yourself to keep breaking limits

11 September 2018 | by Gina Lucia

You’ve made your list of limiting beliefs and now it’s time to start breaking limits. When I started my limit breaking journey, I had gotten to this stage and felt completely overwhelmed.

My list of limiting beliefs and my list of re-framed ‘I can’ statements had collided. My brain was struggling to keep up. I had all these limits that I wanted to break immediately. The reality is, that was impossible.

keep breaking limits

So, I needed a quick win. Without it, I knew I would never move forward and do all the things I wanted to do. Instead, I would look at my massive list and know that it was too hard, too difficult and it would never be done.

This is how you can keep breaking limits:

This is the technique I used to get me my first quick win. It’s super simple.

1. Identify your least emotionally difficult limiting belief, make sure it’s one that won’t take a huge amount of energy to START breaking and make sure the limiting belief can be broken down into smaller tasks.

Here’s mine as an example:

“I can’t lose weight because I don’t have the motivation to do it.”

Please note: Since writing this limiting belief I’m aware of the damage I was doing by saying weight instead of health.

This limit actually had two to three sub-limits within it. Mostly limits about time and my physical ability.

2. Write down 4 things that you can do over the next week to start breaking that limit.

Make these tasks as small as possible and make sure one of them you can do today. By breaking it down this small, the tasks become much more manageable and you will be able to see progress immediately.

Here’s my breakdown:

  1. Join the gym
  2. Go to the gym the next day
  3. Go to the gym 2 times that week
  4. Give myself a good pat on the back

This looks really silly, doesn’t it? It basically says, join the gym and go to the gym. But I had been putting limits on this simple task for years. I couldn’t go to the gym because I needed somebody to go with me. I couldn’t go to the gym because I’m just too busy bla bla bla.

This is just one week of activity. It’s not looking at my limit as a huge task. I’m not planning my month’s gym schedule, I’m not deciding which machines to use or which exercises to do. I’m not even thinking about the clothes I will wear, I’m just saying I will join the gym and go to the gym. I’m breaking limits already.

If you look at your limits as massive goals that are way in the future, you’ll never move towards them.

My quick win came about 2 hours after I finished the task. I opened the gym website and purchased my membership. I stuck ‘go to the gym’ in my diary for tomorrow and went and read a book – done. My quick win! It felt so good.

Now it’s your turn, you have your limiting belief. Write 4 things you can do over the next week to start breaking it. Break the tasks down to even smaller ones if you need to, but don’t go over a week. These quick wins are meant to be quick.

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