surround yourself with good people

How to Surround Yourself With Good People

29 July 2021 | by Gina Lucia

If you’re looking to improve your overall quality of life, one of the best ways to achieve this is to surround yourself with good people. 

When we spend most of our time with people who bring us down, we’re more likely to take on their personality traits ourselves.

For anyone who is struggling in their day-to-day life or isn’t achieving their goals, thinking about who you spend your time with could be the first step to transforming your life. 

Keep reading as we share the top reasons you should surround yourself with good people. Plus, we’ll talk about how you can find the right people, with some useful tips.

surround yourself with good people

Why you should surround yourself with good people

The people we spend our time with can have a positive or negative impact on our life.

Choosing to surround yourself with the right people can bring about positive changes to your life. 

When you surround yourself with happy or upbeat people, this will soon rub off on you. You’ll start to feel like life is more enjoyable and exciting.

Why you should avoid ‘bad’ people

On the other hand, surrounding yourself with negative or toxic people can be hugely detrimental to your life. 

Many people find that when they don’t surround themselves with good people, both their physical and mental health can suffer. 

You may find that these people tend to bring you down or speak badly about you, which can impact your self-confidence over time.

This is why learning to surround yourself with good people is so important in any aspect of your life. As it can help to propel you forward in your career and personal life and improve your health.

Let’s dive into this further:

Good people will cheer you on

When you surround yourself with good people, you’ll find that they will be your number one cheerleader. 

They’ll support you in every aspect of your life and will be excited for you when good things happen to you. 

Whether you are aiming for a promotion at work or have recently entered into a new relationship. You’ll find that they are excited about anything good that comes your way. 

They’ll help you to make better choices

If you surround yourself with positive people, you’ll find that you start making better choices in your life. 

When it comes to your health, you’ll be much more likely to choose to eat a healthy meal or stop drinking when you’ve reached your limit. 

When you surround yourself with good people, you’ll have positive influences around you who will be encouraging in every aspect of your life.

Create happy memories

The people we choose to spend our time with will have a huge impact on our memories of this stage in our life. 

When you surround yourself with the right people, you’ll find that you remember the good times more than the struggles in your life. 

Your time together won’t be filled with drama and negativity. You’ll only remember the good times that you’ve enjoyed together.

With all of these great benefits of choosing to surround yourself with the right people, you’re probably wondering how you can know if someone is a good person. 

Keep reading as we share the key indicators of what makes someone a positive influence to spend your time with.

good person

How to tell if someone is a ‘good’ person for you

One of the toughest parts about deciding to surround yourself with good people is understanding what type of people are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for you to spend time with. 

It’s important to note that our suggestions are purely guidelines and not rules. Someone doesn’t have to display all of these attributes to be a good person. 

What is considered ‘bad’ to someone may not have a detrimental impact on your life. So don’t rule someone out straight away if they display a couple of negative personality traits.

It’s all about using your judgement and thinking about how someone makes you feel after you spend time together.

Key traits of ‘good’ people

These are just a few of the key traits you can expect to see when you surround yourself with ‘good’ people:

  1. They’re honest. Good people are generally very honest. While sometimes honest words can be difficult to hear, in the long run, it’s usually for the best. It’s much better to surround yourself with someone who will give you tough love and honest feedback to help you get closer to your goals.
  2. They think of others. Empathy is one of the key traits of someone who is good to spend time with. If you’re going through a tough time, they’ll be there to empathise with what you’re going through.
  3. They’re consistent. We all need people in our lives who are consistent. You’ll know they’ll always turn up when they say they will and you can rely on them when you need them.
  4. They have gratitude. Gratitude is one of the key ways to transform your life. By appreciating all we have every day, we can start to see the good in even the simplest of things that happen to us. A ‘good’ person knows this.
  5. They make the best out of bad situations. There will always be challenges in our lives, but positive people know how to make the best out of a bad situation. They’ll put on a brave face and try to find the good in every situation.

Surrounding yourself with the ‘right’ people offers so many benefits, but it’s not always as easy as you may think. 

Let’s take a look at the best ways to surround yourself with positive people. We’ll also explore how you can look out for signs that you might be spending time with someone who is detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

surround yourself with the right people

How to surround yourself with the right people

There’s no denying that this is easier said than done. But by knowing what to look out for when choosing who you spend your time with, you’ll be able to improve your quality of life and the way you feel about yourself.

Say no to the wrong people

Choosing to say no to the ‘wrong’ people will likely mean something different to each of us. 

However, a general rule of thumb is that if someone has somebody in their life that is making them feel unworthy or bringing them down, it’s time to start saying no. 

If they’re getting in the way of you reaching your goals or progressing in life, it’s a key sign you need to start distancing yourself from them and begin simplifying your life.

The best way to go about this is to start distancing yourself from these people gradually. Unless you’re in danger or in a toxic situation, you don’t necessarily want to cut people out of your life. Just start to spend less time with them. 

You can slowly do this by not saying yes to their plans so often, or shortening the time you spend together. 

By doing this, you’ll free up time to surround yourself with ‘good’ people.

Know yourself

Knowing and understanding yourself is the best way to surround yourself with the right people. 

When you enjoy your own company and spend time doing the things you love, you’ll find it easier to meet other people who align with your interests and goals.

Alternatively, when you spend your time with people who don’t share your common interests. You’re much less likely to motivate and encourage each other to follow your dreams.

Create a healthy relationship with yourself

So when you focus on yourself and work to create a healthy relationship with yourself, you’ll be much more likely to put yourself in a situation where you meet like-minded people. 

For example, if you love doing yoga but haven’t put aside time to join a local class. It’s a great opportunity to meet other people who are interested in fitness and mindfulness. You’ll find they likely share similar interests to you and are passionate about following a healthy lifestyle.

You don’t just have to think about choosing to surround yourself with good people in real life nowadays. Finding positive influences online is also important. 

By choosing only to follow and get in touch with upbeat and motivational people on social media accounts, you’ll be far more likely to start interacting and making friends with people who share common interests.

Watch out for red flags

Finding good people to surround yourself with is just as much about avoiding ‘bad’ people. It’s so easy in both real life and online to slip back into your old habits and spend time with toxic people. 

If you want to be surrounded by people for company, this might lead to spending time with people who don’t align with your interests and goals.

While everyone’s red flags will look slightly different. There are a few common ones that are likely to come up for most people. 

  • Repeated negativity is something you want to avoid. If after spending time with someone you feel unsupported and worse about yourself. You’ll want to start to spend less time with them. 
  • Excuse-driven people who often cancel on you at the last minute should also be avoided. They likely aren’t respectful of your time and energy. 

Try to politely reject invitations to spend time with these people to distance yourself from them more. 

This will allow you to free up time to do the things you enjoy and surround yourself with good people who will lift you up.

Gradually build your own support network

Once you’ve started to carve out time to focus on yourself, you’ll naturally start finding new ‘good’ people you could potentially bring into your life. 

This is the stage where you want to start building your own support network and community. These people will be more reliable and encouraging when you spend time together. 

When you start to become more open and generous with your time and energy towards the ‘good’ people in your life, your community will gradually grow.

You don’t need a huge community 

Building valued one-on-one relationships can also help you to grow as a person. It can give you a really trusting relationship that you can turn to through challenging times.

When it comes to fostering new relationships, aim for two-way support. Where you provide them with the support they need during difficult times as well. 

Allow yourself to be open and share your experiences with someone else, but also listen when they need someone to talk to. 

What you give to someone will come back to you in return when you spend time with the right people.

Surround yourself with good people

When you choose to surround yourself with good people, you’ll find that you notice so many positive changes in your life. 

While it can be hard to distance yourself from bad people if they’ve been part of your life for some time. It’s important to know when it’s time to move on and find yourself a new community to spend time with. 

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