How to get over the post-achievement blues

25 September 2018 | by Gina Lucia

This is a bit of a weird subject. Limit Breaker usually talks about how to achieve things and feeling wonderful about getting them done. But there’s something that happens when you achieve something big.

get over the post-achievement blues

You get the post-achievement blues.

Your limiting beliefs are big things, they weigh you down and halt your progress. So once you finally do something to break them, you get this overwhelming sense of sadness. Your work and energy up until this point has been concentrated on achieving this one thing, so once it’s done, all that energy disappears. Leaving you feeling just a teeny bit empty.

This is how I felt after my first live workshop. I’d been planning for a month, writing, booking, practising, pepping. So when the day finally came, my adrenaline was high… and then it was over.

Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled. I’d just achieved something I never thought I could do. So why did it leave me feeling so empty?

It was simple. I didn’t know what I was doing next.

The next time I achieved something big, I put this plan in place before I had achieved it:

  1. Plan ahead of time and have the next ‘big thing’ lined up – but make sure it’s fun and rewarding
  2. Schedule in a day or two of downtime after the achievement – you’ll need some time to re-set
  3. Make sure to tell everybody who cares about you – share in your achievement. There’s nothing better than having somebody you love, telling you they’re proud

Don’t make the same mistake as me. Don’t allow that empty feeling to grow in your stomach. Plan ahead and celebrate your big win, you deserve it!

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