How to become your amazing future self

20 September 2018 | by Gina Lucia

Role models are everywhere. People to look up to, admire, learn from. But there’s nobody that has the power and experience of being you, like your future self.

become your future self

I want to introduce you to this concept because although it’s a little strange, it’s honestly worked for me. 

Imagine yourself 5 years from now. You’ve broken a big chunk of your limiting beliefs, and you’re out there, achieving things. You’re wise, strong, sexy.

This is your future self, a version of you that you can aspire to. They’re not perfect, they’ve grown, handled some serious crap, jumped some epic hurdles and they’ve made themselves a great life. This person is who I want you to admire, and before we ask them for help, we need to know specifically who they are.

It’s time to get those things you’ve imagined and make them visual.  

Create a folder on your computer and name it ‘Future Me’. Either that or if you have Pinterest, create a board and give it the same name.

Start pulling in images, quotes, photographs, anything and everything that will describe in images your future you. This should be incredibly empowering, positive and motivational.

Once you’re done, I want you to have this in a visible place. Print out the images you find and put them on a notice board. Make them into a collage and have it as your desktop background. I want you to see these images as much as possible to remind yourself of what’s to come.

Now it’s time to ask your future self for a little help.

Your future self as your mentor

This may seem a little strange at first, but if you’re struggling with a particular task, you have a roadblock that you can’t quite get over, or you’re feeling pretty low – ask your future you how to get through it.

Remember, they’ve already done it, so they have the answer.

So that you don’t feel so silly, here’s something I asked my future me, and the answer she gave:

  • Me: How can I best inspire others to achieve and live a happy life?
  • Future me: Be yourself, be true to yourself, because when you are, people will feel connected to you and inspiration will come from that.

I got my answer because she got to where she was by being herself, and only herself.

Give it a try. Question your future you when you feel like nobody else can answer. When you’re alone and need an answer fast. Or simply when you know that nobody else will tell you the honest truth.

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