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The Ultimate Guide to Introverts in Business

30 April 2020 | by Gina Lucia

Here at Limit Breaker, our main focus is to champion introverts in business. We believe that introverts have unique skills, perspective and things to offer that aren’t usually explored online. For that reason, we have a wide range of articles all exploring the idea of introverts in business. 

These articles have been written by a wide variety of contributors – all introverted businesswomen. So have an explore and share this post with an introverted friend.

Introverts in business topics

We’ve divided our introverts in business tips into six categories. Click on the category you need help with, or scroll down for a list of all of our articles.

  1. Starting your business
  2. Marketing your business in person
  3. Marketing your business online
  4. Business Mindset
  5. Blogging for introverts
  6. Work-life balance
  7. Working from home

Starting your business

When starting your introvert business, it’s important to make sure you’re staying true to yourself and your introvert tendencies. The following articles explore different ways of doing business as an introvert and give some great advice if you’re just starting out.

Marketing your business in person

When it comes to marketing your introvert business, it’s likely hardest when you’re doing it in-person. The following articles delve into these topics from the perspective of introverts in business.

Marketing your business online

Online marketing is by far the most varied topic we have here on Limit Breaker. However, one thing’s consistent in our approach – we like to make sure you’re as authentic and true to yourself as possible. The following articles look at this concept in their own way.

Business mindset

Business is one part strategy, two parts mindset and as introverts, we know this more than most. So make sure your mind is your best asset with these articles.

Blogging for introverts

No matter if you own a blogging website or have a blog attached to your business, blogging is traditionally perfect for introverts. However, it comes with a learning curve. The following articles were created to help you master blogging, in an introvert’s way of course.

Work-life balance

As introverts in business, it’s important for us to manage our energy. Without a sensible work-life balance we can burn out and as a result, produce work that isn’t up to our usual standards. These articles explore these topics. Sit back, relax and have a read.

Working from home

Working from home might sound like an introvert’s dream, but it can actually be the opposite. Make sure your space is working for you with these articles.