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Why You Should Sell Services Instead of Digital Products for Your Business

1 October 2020 | by Gina Lucia

Have you been toying with the idea of selling digital products for your service-based business? Perhaps passive income has turned your head.

Well, in this post, I’m going to share why you should sell services before you jump into digital products and why this will benefit you in the long run.

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The idea of making money while you sleep is a very promising prospect, especially in exchange for just a few hours creating digital products in the first place.

But for most of us, creating digital products isn’t as easy as it seems.

In fact, many digital product creators spend a lot of hours creating, marketing and trying to sell their digital products without much success.

The fact is, to be successful at selling digital products, you need to have time on your side, an extensive marketing budget or a large email list.

If you’re just starting out and you don’t have a large audience or much traffic to your website, your digital product journey might result in a lot of money anxiety.

I’m saying this because I went through it.

I was struggling to find clients for my service-based business, so I opted to put all of my time and energy into creating digital products instead. Hoping that if I created something that costs less, people would buy it.

But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I wasted so much time and money going down this path. It was only when I focused 100% on my services that I started to gain real traction.

Why you should sell services instead of digital products

So why services instead?

Why should you be focusing your attention on creating and selling services rather than jumping into digital products?

Firstly, you can make the money you need faster

Selling digital products is a long-term strategy. You can take anything from months to years to start building an audience large enough to sell the number of digital products you need to gain a regular income.

Again, unless you have a large marketing budget, a large email list, or some great connections, it’s going to take a lot of patience.

I’m guessing you’re not in a position to waste years waiting for a regular income to come in. You have bills to pay and life to live, right?

This is precisely why starting with services is a good strategy. In comparison to digital products, earning enough from your services is a much more manageable prospect.

Think about it. You can either sell 10 £100 courses or book one £1,000 client. Finding one person to work with you is going to be so much easier than convincing 10 people to buy your course.

Services will help you determine if people actually want or need what you’re selling

Determining if somebody actually wants or needs what you offer is hard work.

Imagine creating a digital product or a course. You’ve put months into creating it. And when you launch, you realize that it’s not actually something people want or need.

All that time and effort goes down the drain and you’re no better off.

Instead, when you start with a service, there’s no upfront creation. All you need to do is pitch your service to a potential client. And then when they say yes, then the work begins.

Instead of pumping your time into creating a product, you’re instead pumping your time into finding out if somebody actually wants or needs your service. And better yet, you can mould and tweak it as you go.

You get to hone your copywriting skills

When selling digital products, most of the work is in convincing people to buy. You can have the best product or course. But if you can’t convince somebody to buy it, they’re not going to.

By starting with a service, you have the opportunity to practice your pitching skills on a real person. You’ll be able to know, in real-time, if they’re convinced by your sales pitch or not.

You’ll get to understand their problem on a one-to-one basis. And you’ll be able to come up with solutions on the fly and determine if they work or not.

Essentially, you’ll get to test out your future product ideas on real people and they pay you to do it.

It gives you more authority in your niche

Have you ever considered buying a digital product from a creator, but decided not to because you weren’t confident in their skills?

Trust plays a major factor in convincing strangers to buy something from you. If you go into digital product creation without developing that trust factor first, it’s going to make selling digital products so much harder.

However, if you’ve been selling a similar service for years, you’ll have the testimonials, the case studies and the proof that what you do works and on real people.

Essentially, all that time you spent working one-on-one with clients will help you sell digital products in the future.

It releases you from money anxiety

There’s nothing worse than having to make a specific amount of money each month from selling digital products and never making it. I know that feeling and it’s painful.

By selling services first, you’ll have less work to do, and you’ll feel more secure, especially if you’re taking on monthly or retainer work. As I mentioned before, you’ll need to sell fewer services than digital products, which will make your life slightly easier.

So tell me in the comments. Have you had your head turned by digital products?