How to keep your racing mind in check

16 October 2018 | by Gina Lucia

There’s something that happened to me when I started to write down my limiting beliefs and then my goals and aspirations. They both came crashing together.

You see, when you write down two lists and set them next to each other. One negative and one positive in your eyes, they begin to take life in your emotions. You’re angry because you’ve been holding yourself back, but you’re excited because you can see a way out.

How to keep your racing mind in check

At this point, it was hard to keep my racing mind in check. I suddenly had high expectations. But at the same time, I knew I still had my self-imposed limits. I wanted to achieve everything, and I wanted to achieve it NOW.

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There’s one thing I did – and still do – to keep my racing mind happy

We’ve all heard about gratitude lists and journals, but the problem with these is that you’re writing down all the things you’re grateful for in your life. You know what almost never gets added to that list? You.

How can you possibly expect to achieve so much, if you don’t appreciate yourself while you’re doing it?

So let’s get to my technique, it’s very simple.

In a notebook, or on your phone, write down 3 things you appreciate about yourself.

Don’t make them general things, make them really really specific. Write down the things you think you did well that day, the way you handled a difficult situation, how much you got done, or how you didn’t beat yourself up that you didn’t get much done.

When you consistently write down these thoughts, they become solid. Once I started doing this, it only took a few days for my head to clear and for me to start feeling better about myself.

It’s so easy to be nice to others, to see the good in everything they do, but when it comes to ourselves, we are so critical.

It’s time to become your new best friend, be nice to yourself, pat yourself on the back, congratulate yourself on a job well done – you bloody deserve it.

My top tip to make this an easy routine

To keep this up, I set an event in my calendar every morning when I knew I would be alone and have a few minutes to myself. The task takes about 30 seconds to do. If you’re stuck for time, schedule to do it when you’re likely to be on the loo in the morning, or when you usually make a cup of tea at work. This time is for you though, so make sure you’re alone.

As a side note, if you don’t do it every day, it really doesn’t matter. I usually don’t do it on the weekends because I don’t feel the need. If I know I have a busy day ahead, then I do it to give my day a positive start.

Keep your list safe so that you can look back at it on days where you need an extra boost. You’ll be so grateful you did.

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