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My Work From Home Morning Routine for a Calm Mind

12 April 2021 | by Gina Lucia

Well hello there. My name’s Gina Lucia and welcome to my work from home morning routine.

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I have an overthinking mind, which honestly, can be a good or a bad thing.

Some days it helps me problem solve and analyse things well. 

Other days it ruminates on things that stress me out and stops me from looking at the bigger picture.

I’m also an introvert, so I spend most of my time inside this overthinking mind of mine, working out ways to best utilise it and make it a superpower, rather than a hindrance.

My work from home morning routine

Which brings me to my morning routine.

I don’t have a routine because I think it’s an aesthetic way to start my day. 

I have one because I’m a grumpy cat who doesn’t like being woken up and absolutely needs a routine to function. 

Which means the first thing I must do when I wake up, is get a cup of coffee and some food. 

It’s non-negotiable. 

Create a morning todo list

Okay, espresso consumed, now it’s time to manage my mind.

The first thing I do is write my todo list.

I’ve already done a rough plan of my day the week before, so all I need to do is write it down and put things in priority order. 

I have one digital todo list and one manual and yes, they’re pretty much the same thing. I like ticking things off twice okay, don’t judge me!

Once my todo list is set, I’m starting to feel in control of my day. So I can now put it aside and forget about it for an hour.

Journal for a clear mind

Next, I grab my journal.

There’s no science to this, I simply write down absolutely anything that comes into my mind.

How well I slept, what I have to do today, how I’m feeling, any ideas or thoughts I might have, it doesn’t matter.

The idea is to get all of these overthinking thoughts out of my mind so I can have a calm and clear-headed start to the day. 

Then I end my journaling session, which doesn’t have a time limit, by setting an intention for the day.

This intention gives me something to remember while working. If I know I have something stressful to do, then my intention could be ‘calm’.

If I know I need to get a lot done, the intention could be ‘focus’. 

Read or meditate

With journalling done, I’ll either do one of two things, depending on how I’m feeling.

I’ll either read, or I’ll meditate.

I’m still relatively new to meditating so reading is my first choice. Although both techniques work as really effective ways to clear the last few overthinking thoughts from my mind.

Because with reading, I’m focused on the book. And with meditation, I’m focused on my breathing. Not my thoughts.

If you’re looking for the perfect work from home morning routine…

I’ve worked from home for almost 10 years, but it’s taken me almost this long to find a morning routine that works for me and even then, it’s constantly changing.

So if you’re watching this video trying to find the perfect work from home morning routine for you, know this: 

You’ll never find it.

Stop putting so much pressure on the first few hours of your day.

You don’t have to get up at 5 am if you don’t want to. You don’t have to make a smoothie every day if it makes your stomach hurt, you don’t even have to journal or meditate or read. 

Take that pressure off yourself and start with one, very small thing you can try to do every morning and then add if you think it’s working.

I didn’t start by doing all of these things from day 1.

I started with my todo list, then after a few months I added journalling, then after a few months I added reading. And only recently have I added meditation and I’m not perfect at doing that either.

So go forth and craft a realistic morning routine that suits you and let me know in the comments: what’s the one thing you can’t function without doing in the morning.

You already know mine.


  1. Nina Paul

    2nd August 2021 at 7:00 AM

    Thanks for sharing this amazing list. It really has helped me in improving my work & personal life balance.

    • Gina Lucia

      2nd August 2021 at 9:24 AM

      Ah I’m so glad to hear it Nina!

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