I’ve never been someone to have a bucket list, but I am someone who believes in setting goals and taking action towards those goals.

Why ‘impossible’? The only reason this list is impossible is because it’s constantly changing, growing, expanding and retracting to reflect the very nature of the goals we have in life. In other words, it may well be impossible to complete because it never ends.

After seeing the impossible list by Thomas Frank, I decided to create my own. This list combines my life and business goals into one list.

This list is public so I can be held accountable to my goals and see my progress. Because goals are always better when you can look back and appreciate the journey.

I’d love to see your impossible list. Send it to me.

? Life goals

  • Help other people master their mindset and achieve their business and life goals (always in progress)
  • Donate monthly to both social justice and environmental causes (Doing this now, with plans to increase as my income increases)
  • Own a large garden with room for growing plenty of vegetables
  • Plant 100 trees (do this with my own hands, I’ve already planted much more than this with Ecologi but I want to do the physical work too)
  • Continue to grow and learn with my husband Louis (doing so every day)

? Business goals

  • Reach as many business owners as possible through my email list to share knowledge and grow together.
  • Start a YouTube channel (18th April 2020)
    • Continue to reach more people through my videos and build a community together.
  • Do a video collaboration with my dad (in progress – most of my videos contain his music)
  • Do a collaboration video with another dedicated YouTuber
  • Have my own studio room to film in
  • Become a mentor for someone (and do this for free)
  • Write a book
    • Walk into a bookstore and see my book on the shelf
  • Have a bookshelf completely dedicated to all the books my friends write (in the works – 4 books and counting)

? Skill goals

  • Learn German
  • Learn basic self-defence

? Experience goals

  • Climb a mountain
  • Go strawberry picking with a friend
  • Go see one of the trees I’ve planted with Ecologi (a UK-based one)
  • Visit and help out at an animal sanctuary
  • Run a 5k (23rd March 2014)

? Travel goals

  • Visit Thailand (May 2018)
  • Visit Japan
  • Visit Sweden
  • Visit Canada again (specifically Chatterbox Falls)
  • Visit Ireland (it’s not exactly far!)
  • Be able to work and live in Amsterdam for 1 month on my laptop
  • Be able to work and live in Berlin for 1 month on my laptop