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Introverts in Business. The Secret Sauce for Success

29 August 2019 | by Cindy Johns

Believe it or not, there are many introverts in business, some of which include:

  • Caitlyn Bacher, Online Course Creator
  • James Wedmore, Million Dollar Business Coach
  • Kathrin Zenkina, Manifestation Babe
  • Bill Gates, Tech Wiz
  • Oprah Winfrey, Entertainment Mogul
  • Warren Buffett, Stock Broker

But why is it that some introverts excel in business while others are consumed by feelings of overwhelm that keep success just out of reach? 

What is the secret sauce for success in business?

For your personal success as an introvert in business, it’s important to make sure you have the right combination or strategy to ensure you’re on the right track. In this case, we’re looking at it like a sauce. Here’s the breakdown:

  • The base: your business idea
  • The binding: your systems and process
  • The stock: your marketing
  • The secret ingredient (we’ll get to that later)

Well, like every good sauce, there are a few different but complementary ingredients that harmonise to create something deliciously rich. When making a tasty sauce, we always start with 3 essential elements and then add the embellishments that take things from mediocre to fabulous. So let’s start with the 3 essential ingredients that make up every good sauce and successful business.

The base: your business idea

Is it a good quality idea? Is it original or if not completely original does it contain something unique that will set you apart from your competition? Is it a proven idea with a market that needs your product or service, and will it provide an excellent base from which to grow? As your idea forms the very core of your business, it can’t be flimsy, boring or untested, it is, after all, the foundation. 

Think of your business idea like the butter that forms the base of a good sauce, the quality of your base will determine how successful the final product will be, start with something of high quality and there is a greater chance of your end result being something worthwhile and ultimately successful. 

The binding: your systems and processes

When thinking about your systems and processes, here are some questions to bear in mind:

  • How are you bringing your service or product to market? 
  • What accounting practices do you have in place? 
  • Have you researched and met your legal requirements? 
  • Have you set time aside to work on your business as well as in it? 
  • Do you have processes that will minimise work and stress and allow things to run smoothly, thereby reducing any feelings of overwhelm? 
  • Are your systems clear, documented and easy to understand so that as your business grows and you bring on staff they will be able to follow your processes to ensure the efficient running of your business? 

The binding is the flour that we use to hold the sauce together. The higher quality of binding agent we use the more satisfying our sauce will be. And the binding you choose depends on the sauce you’re trying to create, plain white flour is not the best option for every sauce. Likewise, every successful introvert in business will choose different systems and processes to create the business structure they want.

The better the systems and processes we build into our business, the easier it will be to build something that is robust and allows us to add more value to our final products or services.

The stock: your marketing

You’ve got the foundations right, your base is a high-quality idea and you’ve put together strong systems and processes. You’re now ready to pull the whole thing together. It’s time to add your marketing.

The marketing is the stock we choose to add flavour and texture. Choose a generic store-bought stock, and you are guaranteed a generic sauce. But add something with flavour and flair and your sauce is elevated and likely to become the hero of the dish. 

The same is true for your marketing. Stick to a generic uninspired marketing strategy that echoes what you’re seeing in the marketplace and no one is going to pay any attention. But take time to craft a marketing plan that is original and vibrant, flavoured with your own personality and you will stand out from the crowd. Your product, service and business will be elevated above the mundane and your business will be front and centre in your target markets mind.

The Secret Ingredient

And now, we come to the ‘extra’. The basic sauce is done, and it’s time to add the flair, the herbs, spices and ingredients that will lift your sauce from basic to sensational. 

This is simply YOU.

You are the finishing touch that makes the secret sauce of success. You infuse that sauce with your own personality, your own heart and wisdom.

People buy from people. You and I both know that the online space is full of impersonal algorithms and bots, and while there are ways to make those things work for you, no one is making a purchase based on how well your bot worked. People buy from people, whether your business is online or bricks and mortar. So show your uniqueness, that thing that makes you you and helps your business to stand out from the crowd. 

We introverts are all about authenticity and being true to who we are, so add your secret ingredient – that’s you – into your sauce and make the whole thing sing!

What’s your sauce look like? Have you got any extra tips for our readers? Leave them in the comments below.