How To Market Yourself Online Authentically

12 March 2019 | by Gina Lucia

In the online marketing world, we’re told to grow our social following, increase email subscribers, set up Facebook ads, show our faces and so much more just to stand out. It’s exhausting and for many solopreneurs out there, it’s impossible to keep up with.

But what if I told you there was a way to grow your email list, social following and market yourself online authentically? Plus this technique was introvert-friendly!

market yourself authentically

I know, you’ve heard that sentence before, but truly, this technique works. It means:

  • You’ll spend less time constantly on social media
  • Less money spent on ads
  • And less time trying to be an extrovert and instead, more time for you to market authentically

So what is this miracle technique and how do you go about doing it?

The technique, is guest posting.

how to market yourself online authentically

How To Market Yourself Online

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is, in short, writing blog posts/articles for someone else’s website (either free or paid). The benefits of this are as follows:

  • A link back to your website either in your author bio, or if you’re lucky, within the post itself (great for SEO)
  • The ability to add the coveted ‘as seen in’ banner to your homepage
  • Establish your authority as an expert in your niche
  • If done right can gain you email subscribers, social media followers and customers

Why guest posting helps you market yourself online

Guest posting is a strategic way to reach your ideal audience by using an audience that already exists. It’s similar to finding an influencer, paying them to promote your product and as a result, you’re seen by their audience.

A guest post works in exactly the same way. Your content, voice and expertise is placed in front of a large audience that you may not have usually been able to access.

The advantage of this over influencer marketing is that your post is shared on their social platforms. It may even be emailed to subscribers and you don’t have to pay for it. Your post will provide a link back to your website for as long as it remains on their site.

Sounds pretty special, doesn’t it? So now we know what guest posting is and why it’s a smart idea. Let’s talk about how you can get started.

How to market yourself online with guest posting

If you have your own blog then you’ll know the ins and outs of writing a blog post. What other websites want is the best. They want quality content that will attract new readers into their website and gain them followers and subscribers in return.

Everyone is playing the same game when it comes to content marketing. So if you can write a post that fits with their audience, reads well, engages and works for SEO, you’re onto a winner.

So here are some simple steps you can take to start guest posting today:

Step 1:

Define your ideal audience/niche. To make the most out of guest posting, you’ll want to make sure you’re targetting your ideal audience. Get really specific on who they are, where they hang out online and what problems they have. By doing this, you’re making sure you can market yourself authentically.

Step 2:

Find websites that align with your audience/niche. Do some Google searching, search hashtags on social media and find others in your industry.

When relevant sites have been found, you’ll need to search their websites to see if they accept guest posts or not. Usually ‘contribute’ or ‘submit to us’ pages are located in the footer of these sites. You may have to dig a little to find them.

Step 3:

Some websites require you to pitch an article before you write it, others require you to submit a fully-written piece.

Either way, you’ll want to do your research on the site. Including how many words they want, their writing style, the sorts of posts they publish etc. All of this will inform your next step.

Step 4 (if you’re required to pitch):

Send an email to the website as per their instructions and pitch your article. Depending on their requirements, you might only need to provide the title. Or you might have to give a few starting paragraphs too.

Always include some other examples of your writing, especially if they are relevant. It’s also good practice to include a couple of other article titles in your email, just in case they don’t like the first.

Step 4 (if you’re required to submit a whole article):

Write your piece as per the instructions on their site. You’ll want the title and content of the piece to mix both your ideal audience, with their existing one. Don’t be afraid to go niche with this, these guest posting websites want articles that are fresh and new.

Send this article with your author bio to the website. Make sure to be friendly and include some other examples of your writing. Including who you are and what your business does.

Step 5:

Make a note of when you sent in your piece. A lot of websites ask you to wait 1-2 weeks. If you haven’t heard back then they’ve not accepted you. Don’t worry about this, it’s not a reflection of your writing or business. The post just wasn’t right for them at that time.

The beauty of this is that you can just submit the post to a different site. Keep going until you’re accepted.

That’s it. The process of using guest posting to market yourself authentically might seem daunting. But trust me when I say that it works. By utilising this technique, you can reach large audiences easily without spending hours on social media.

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  1. Morgan Jo

    12th March 2019 at 5:46 PM

    This is a great idea! For Introverts, it can be so hard to build a sturdy base of people because that means reaching out and putting our extrovert masks on. I love the idea of guest posting… I never really thought of it this way, but I love it! I’m gonna have to try this soon! Thanks for sharing and breaking it down! <3

    • Gina

      13th March 2019 at 10:34 AM

      No problem and you’re absolutely right. Reaching out is stepping way out of our comfort zone, but as long as we do it intentionally, it will work out.


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