how to succeed as an introvert

How to Succeed in Business as an Introvert

7 August 2021 | by Hana Othman

When deciding to start a business, many introverts have a common concern: whether their personality type will hold them back from knowing how to succeed in business as an introvert.

In reality, being introverted can make someone even more competent in the business world.

With an estimated 30-50 per cent of the global population identifying with introverted characteristics, there are already countless examples of how introverts are succeeding as business leaders and entrepreneurs.

So in this article, we’re going to explore how to succeed in business as an introvert and how you might already be succeeding with your introverted tendencies.

How to succeed in business as an introvert

If you’ve landed on this article, you’re likely unsure of if you can succeed as an introvert in business.

We believe you absolutely can (because we happen to be introverts too)! So let’s start by exploring what makes you good at business already, as an introvert.

how to succeed as an introvert

What makes introverts good at business

Being an introvert means your unique perspective and ideas are brought to the decision-making table. What you may think are shortcomings because of your personality are actually strengths.

Introverts are more likely to weigh all the options available to them and take the time to make the best overall choice for the team.

While the saying “time is money” is often used and respected. It’s just as worthwhile to know when to slow down and focus inward.

As introspective beings, introverts are naturally inclined to listen, gather information, and mull things over before moving forward and executing a plan.

This allows them to see the most efficient and attainable paths to achieving their goals. Which is what makes them so valuable as business professionals and leaders.

When others charge ahead without thinking about the logistics, the risks involved and how their choices will impact the business in the future.

They’ll be thankful to have an introvert around or an introvert leading them. Since all those considerations were the first thing on an introvert’s mind and to-do list.

introvert success tips

4 tips to succeed in business as an introvert

Want to learn more about how to succeed in business as an introvert? Check out the four tips below to start leveraging your personality traits for your benefit.

Tip #1: Embrace productive collaboration

For any successful business to run smoothly, it requires people working together. Whether it be a single owner or CEO running it independently. Or a comprehensive hierarchy made up of hundreds of employees and tiers of management.

When it comes time to collaborate with others, introverts have a handy instinct. During team meetings or projects, an introvert (more often than not) will always want to hear everyone’s ideas and thoughts equally.

It may seem like an introvert would be too shy to speak up or hesitate to contribute as part of a team.

But it’s more likely for them to do the opposite. Speaking up to offer thoughtful input that they consider important and listening attentively when others share their own.

This instinct will likely boost team sessions in terms of productivity and the chances of getting the most out of each team member, which are often the ideal goals for any meeting.

Tip #2: Have a backup plan

Being as self-aware as an introvert means that you frequently check in with yourself and try to understand how you really feel about things.

It might seem like a good idea to invest in a certain new product or strategy for your business initially. But introverts will also factor in their gut feeling about something.

Suppose they don’t personally feel comfortable going through with a deal or making a change. In that case, they’re more likely to review other possibilities.

That means an introvert will probably have backup plans ready or under consideration during their decision-making process. For businesses, having a backup or recovery plan is highly recommended if not necessary.

An introvert can tap into their ‘cautious’ ways and stress the importance of being ready for the worst outcomes, or at least start the conversation.

This is meaningful enough since it’s more likely than not for businesses to focus on other things like growth/scaling and remaining competitive rather than seeing the details.

Tip #3: Make the most of your solitude

We introverts enjoy our alone time.

This is a fair assumption since many introverts would say they don’t mind being alone and even need it from time to time.

But it requires a disclaimer:

Introverts like to be alone because it helps them recharge mentally, not necessarily because they don’t like being around other people.

So it makes a lot of sense for introverts to desire and spend some time in solitude, even as business professionals.

Since an introvert likes to be alone and it’s beneficial for them, they can make the most of that time to come up with the best possible solutions and ideas. Which may not as easily occur to them when they’re around others.

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to delegate

Although introverts won’t shy away from collaboration and make their fellow team members feel heard. They may be less inclined to take the next step and delegate tasks or ask for help.

The fact that introverts may feel a sense of responsibility to get things done on their own isn’t always the best way of thinking.

Not leaning on other people when you need it may delay you from reaching your business goals. Or stop you from even achieving them at all.

Try to let go of any insecurities related to passing work on to someone else. You’d want someone to pass work to you if your skills were better placed for the task, right?

Use this as a confidence boost to pass on the right tasks to the right people. Don’t hold onto something if someone else can do a better job.

Any experienced business owner will know that they must rely on outside resources and the skills provided through their connections to attain long-term success.

introvert success

Learning how to Succeed as an Introvert

There are a lot of labels out there regarding what makes a person successful.

Personal qualities like being outgoing, sociable, confident, and driven are often named. Sometimes, those traits don’t match the stereotypical idea of an introvert.

Introverts are just as capable of exhibiting these qualities as any other personality type. But just because they can doesn’t mean that’s how they will best succeed.

Introverts make even greater leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners when they embrace their unique qualities.

Often considered naturally thoughtful and attentive people. Introverts are more likely to make a strong effort to create lasting and meaningful bonds through networking instead of spending time on small talk.

As introspective beings, they can focus on a goal and diligently work towards it when it matters most for their business or career.

In many ways, introverts make up a significant portion of society’s greatest thinkers, doers, and innovators.

So there’s never been a question of whether introverts can succeed, especially if they embrace themselves for who they are.

Are you an introvert in business? Let us know if you saw yourself in this article and what your business is in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!