Have a post idea you think will work for Limit Breaker? I’m always looking for fantastic new guest writers.

Are you a business?

I only accept guest posts from individuals, influencers, or solopreneurs. If you’re a business and want to work with me, please contact me for my media pack.

About Limit Breaker?

Limit Breaker aims to be the best friend to the person starting or building their online business. 

Limit Breaker is there to lend a helping hand when things get tough (or when things are going well). We offer motivation, support, advice and a sense of community. 

We give realistic advice which isn’t designed to force our readers to achieve unrealistic goals. Instead, we help them strengthen their mindset, build resilience and work towards their goals all while maintaining a genuine work-life balance.

About our audience

Limit Breaker’s core audience are business women who likely work from home on their own business. They could be working full-time on this business, or starting it at the same time as their day job. 

While building and running this business, they’re trying to manage their own mindset and are finding it a little tough. Especially when there are so many marketing messages out there telling them they should be succeeding.

These women know they have what it takes to succeed, otherwise, they never would have started. But they need a little reminder every now and then to keep them going. 

We’re there to take on this job. We’re also there to remind these women to make time for rest, to enjoy life, and take care of their mental health at the same time.

Topics we write about

  • Work-life balance
    • Working from home
    • Time management / productivity
    • Burnout
  • Business mindset
    • Growth mindset
    • Patience
    • Imposter syndrome
  • Personal development
    • Self-growth
    • Introversion
    • Mindfulness
    • Mental health
  • Lifestyle
    • Slow living
    • Intentional living
    • Minimalism

If you think you’d like to write about any of these topics for our audience, then keep reading friend!

When you write for Limit Breaker, you get the following perks:

  • A bio which contains links to your site and social media
  • An author page featuring all your contributions

Note: We’re looking for high-quality articles that have our audience in mind and have at least basic SEO techniques applied to them. Here at Limit Breaker we like to focus on quality over quantity for my readers.


What sort of articles do you accept?

We publish articles on work-life balance, business mindset, personal development and lifestyle. See the categories in the above section for sub-topics.

The articles that do the best are intentional, honest and sometimes personal. We tend to talk about issues that others don’t. We prioritise honest business and love sharing the journey to creating an online business that’s sustainable and promotes work-life balance.

Lastly, our articles always give the reader something to take away. Either a lesson, set of possible actions or even a great ‘aha’ moment.

How long should my article be?

I accept articles from 1000-2,500 words.

Do you pay for submissions?

I currently don’t pay guest writers (my aim is to pay in the future), so for now, I reward writers in other ways (see above perks section).

Do you have any guidelines?

  • Break your content up with bullet lists, titles and headings to make for easy reading.
  • Make sure you keep your writing concise and to the point.
  • Keep it casual, articles on Limit Breaker are easy and fun to read. So keep that formal language at bay (if you’d like a document with very specific guidelines, just ask 😉 ).
  • I’m based in the UK, so I use UK spelling rather than American (if you struggle with this, I can check it over at the editing stage).
  • I will provide images, so only send me images if they are completely unique and needed for the article.
  • Keep SEO in mind while writing (if you can do some keyword research for your article, that’s a major bonus!).

Should I give my article a title?

Yes, although I may tweak it slightly to help SEO or readability.

Will you edit my post?

Yes, but my changes will be minor ones. These will be to improve SEO, readability, spelling, punctuation etc.

If any large changes need doing, I will inform you with some suggestions for you to change yourself.

Do you accept articles already publishes elsewhere?

No, I want all articles to be unique to Limit Breaker. However, you’re welcome to publish a ‘post summary’ on your website which links to the full article on Limit Breaker.

How to submit – stage 1

I now only accept articles at the idea stage. I want to make sure I’m not wasting your time, so get in touch and let’s discuss your ideas.

Please send me an email with your background, website, article ideas/titles and if you can, keyword/s of choice to me using the contact form on this page (select ‘Guest post’ from the dropdown): limitbreaker.co/contact-us

How to submit – stage 2

Once your article title/topic has been approved, I request that you send me your article submission via an editable Google Doc. Before you submit your post to me, please make sure you have set up the following:

  • Your author bio (3-5 sentances) with links to your social media profiles and website at the top of your Google Doc.
  • Create a Gravatar profile. This will serve as your author image. The email address you provide us should match the email address associated with your Gravatar account.
  • Make sure your Google Doc is editable.

Once ready, please send your Google Doc link to me via email or using the contact form on this page (select ‘Guest post’ from the dropdown): limitbreaker.co/contact-us

I can’t wait to read your submission!

Need a little extra help? Check out my guest posting ultimate guide for some extra tips: limitbreaker.co/how-to-start-guest-blogging