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2 October 2018 | by Gina Lucia

When working on ourselves, it’s really hard to share our successes and struggles with others. Yes we’re achieving things and getting stuff done, but will we come across as selfish, or will people think we’re bragging if we tell them?

Let’s just chuck that weirdness out the window right now. Bye bye status quo!

find your personal cheerleader

The fact is unless we share our limiting beliefs or at least our goals with others, it’s so easy to get wrapped up inside your own head. I know, I’ve been there and it’s really hard work.

Before I started sharing my goals with others (no matter how small), all that happened was I built up huge expectations of myself without anybody there to bring me back down to earth. My expectations were so high, that if I didn’t complete a simple task on time, I would think myself a failure.

Trust me, you don’t want to be having conversations with your inner critic, they’re not very nice.

Find your achievement cheerleader

So, to counteract this, pick a couple of your closest friends, family members, colleagues, whatever – tell them your plans, what you’re up to. Ask them if they’d like to support you, ask them to come to your events, help you practice, read your writing.

I bet anybody who’s that close to you will jump at the chance to see you succeed and come along for the ride. You may even give them the boost they need to start breaking their limits too!

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Who doesn’t make a good personal cheerleader

Not all people are good at being cheerleaders – even if they’re your friend.

Your friends, family, coworkers etc may love you to pieces but it takes a certain skill to be unapologetically enthusiastic, supportive and helpful all at the same time. Pick your inner circle wisely to keep your spirits high. There’s nothing worse than having a well-meaning friend say something without realising and putting a serious downer on your mood and progress.

The cheerleaders you do pick however will play a massive part in your journey. They will be there to listen to your worries, reassure you when you just can’t see through this one thing, and of course, they will be there to celebrate your successes. Don’t fly this plane alone – take the best cabin crew you can find.

What to do if you can’t find a personal cheerleader?

Sometimes in life, there’s nobody that fits the right criteria. Not to worry, there are ways to find people that can help you on your journey.

Depending on your goals and interests, here are some of my tried and tested recommendations:

  • Go to a few networking events (I don’t mean the stuffy ones). Find networking groups that are more casual and definitely relevant to your interests. It’s in these you make the best friends
  • Go to events/join groups in your area of interest
  • Don’t fancy being social in person? Join Facebook groups in your area of interest and get chatting

In any of these situations finding people to help (and you help in return) is a lot easier, especially if you’re open about it. This is because you already have something in common. I personally find networking events quite difficult BUT, it was at one of these that I found one of my best personal cheerleaders Anna Bowkis.

Find what works for you and don’t fret about it too much. Most likely you already have personal cheerleaders waiting in the wings, you just have to ask them.

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