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How to Eliminate Introvert Business Stress Using Technology

25 May 2020 | by Lisa Michaels

Introverts have a lot to offer the business landscape. We’re excellent listeners, problem solvers, and often have fantastic motivation levels too. 

Unfortunately, introverts also face a lot of complicated challenges each day. From answering the phone regularly, negotiating with employees or coworkers, to attending client meetings. The good news is technology is quickly emerging as the great enabler for introverted professionals. 

As the world continues to go through a period of digital transformation, cloud tools and internet-based software are making it easier for introverts to thrive, without feeling overwhelmed. 

How to eliminate business stress for introverts

Here are some of the ways that introverts can eliminate the stress of succeeding in the business world with help from technology. 

Use the cloud for remote working

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the digital landscape is that it allows us to connect with the office and complete work from anywhere. Cloud-based tools mean that work doesn’t have to be a place we go to anymore. In fact, it enables us to do our job from whenever we feel most comfortable

Introverted individuals who would otherwise feel overwhelmed in a crowded open office environment now have the freedom to work from home. Many business leaders are also beginning to offer remote working solutions to attract a wider range of talent. 

If you’re running your own business and have a team to manage, it’s possible to work in the comfort of your home and stay up to date on important projects. With the cloud, you can work online, chat with coworkers over collaboration tools and instant messaging. You can also work in real-time on the same projects as your peers. 

Working remotely, at least some of the time, can significantly reduce business stress. There’s always something or someone in your office demanding your attention or stopping by for chit-chat. At home, it’s easier to block out energy drainers and answer non-urgent inquiries at your convenience.

Reduce face-to-face conversations

For extroverts, face-to-face conversations in the office or over video calls might not seem like a problem. For introverts, they’re a source of regular stress. Unfortunately, in the past, sending an email and waiting for a response hasn’t been the most effective way to stay on top of tasks. 

The good news is today’s collaboration tools can significantly eliminate some business stress by providing other ways to communicate. With a collaboration tool, you can connect with team members through instant messages and share files in real-time.

Some popular tools include Slack for easy file transfer and internal team messaging. Asana for assigning tasks among team members. Or Google Docs which allows multiple members to work on the same document at the same time.

Occasionally, you might have to participate in video calls with your colleagues. If a group video conference is needed, and you need to say no, your team can even record the information and send it to you later. 

You might not be able to avoid every video or audio conference suggested by your team. But using the right technology will mean that there’s an alternative way to maintain conversations that doesn’t leave you feeling drained. 

Automate customer relations

In previous years, there was no other way to complete repetitive tasks, like calling customers with sales messages, than to do it yourself or hire employees.

Today, machines and software can perform many jobs on behalf of introverts. Modern software solutions can not only reduce the number of interactions you have daily but can also bypass some entirely.

Automate client/customer communication

Using customer relationship management platforms like HubSpot or Salesforce, you can track and engage your leads without having to call or email each one of them. By setting automated emails, you can greet them when they sign up for your email newsletter, or occasionally send out information about your products.

This can be invaluable for introverts who don’t feel comfortable reaching out or selling in person. Also, with a variety of personalization options, your customers won’t feel like they’re being spammed with blatant sales attempts.

Automate common customer questions

Another great addition to your business are chatbots. Chatbots have become a nearly indispensable part of every website. They can answer most common customer questions and redirect more complicated issues to a real human. This reduces the number of calls you have to make, saving you both time and energy. 

Automate social media

Alternatively, you can also explore some social media automation tools like HootSuite or Buffer to establish a consistent online presence. This will eliminate some of the business stress of capturing new leads and engaging your existing customer base.

These are just some examples of how you can maintain great relationships with your customers without actually having to address them face to face. 

Data and resource management

Running a successful business isn’t just about connecting with leads and networking with potential clients. Introverts in the business landscape can also struggle with internal conversations with business partners, suppliers, and other team members. 

Asking for payment

A common source of business stress is having to remind people about due payments. Technology can help here as well. 

Tools like FreshBooks allow you to send out and collect bills, as well as track due payments and send out reminders. It even comes with a nifty confirmation of receipt, so you don’t have to chase around people claiming they haven’t received your invoice. 

Billing and accounting tools usually come with integrated dashboards and data collection features, also making tax time less stressful.

Managing remote teams

If you manage a remote team, work with freelancers, or outsource some services, this tool also offers time tracking so you have an overview of billable hours. This eliminates the stress of having to check up if everyone has submitted their sheets on time. Other popular time tracking tools are Toggl, Harvest, or Everhour.

Sometimes you might feel like you’re constantly chasing up team members to find out where a business vehicle is, or whether a piece of equipment is working properly. This causes anxiety and frustration for introverts who would rather avoid such a conversation

Tracking assets and resources

Fortunately, asset management and resource management tools are an excellent way to overcome this issue. These solutions allow businesses to track where all their assets and resources are, so there’s less follow up required with other people. 

It usually works on the principle of scanning a code on a piece of equipment or inventory and sharing the information with an app you can use on your smartphone. That way, you always know what you have and where it is, and you don’t have to tug at people’s sleeves to get that information.

Empowering introverts with technology

Introverts are a powerful force in the modern business landscape. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge for us to thrive in environments where a lot of human interaction is necessary. 

The good news is that technology could be the key to empowering introverts and helping them do their best work in any industry. 

With the right tools and software, introverted employees and business owners can:

  • Connect with people.
  • Accomplish their goals.
  • Achieve business targets.
  • All without exposing themselves to unnecessary business stress.

How do you use technology to reduce business stress? Have any more tips for our readers? Leave them below.