How to crush your limiting beliefs in 5 minutes

4 September 2018 | by Gina Lucia

If you read our last post then you know what a limiting belief is, now it’s time to crush your limiting beliefs in just 5 minutes.

Crush is a harsh word, but I want you to feel a sense of satisfaction as you squish those disempowering buggers in the palm of your hand. It takes just a few minutes to change your mindset and reveal those limiting beliefs for what they actually are – not real.

crush limiting beliefs in 5 minutes

Just to note: I’m not a miracle worker and nor are you. In 5 minutes you can crush the thought of your limiting beliefs, but it takes longer to move past them (of course, we can help with that).

Okay, set the timer!

You have your list of limiting beliefs from our last post, yes? Grab one. Any will do.

Here’s mine:

“I can’t become a woman that people look up to because there’s nothing special about me.”

The words I’ve used here are so powerful and not in a good way. ‘I can’t become a woman that…’ ‘there’s nothing special about me.’ I bet you’ve said similar things, these words may even be in some of your limiting beliefs.

The word I can’t is particularly interesting. Imagine if you started doing all the things you said ‘I can’t’ to, what would you be doing right now?

  • I can’t draw – how many artists are we missing?
  • I can’t write – how many books would go unread?
  • I can’t speak in front of people – how many lives would remain unchanged?

By saying ‘I can’t’, you’re depriving the world of something special, but more importantly, you’re depriving yourself of the joy of success.

It’s time to change your limiting beliefs

This is really simple. You’ve probably used words like ‘I can’t’, ‘I won’t’, or ‘I shouldn’t’. As I said, words are powerful – so change them!

All I’m going to do is take my limiting belief and change the words. Here we go:

“I can and will become a woman that people look up to because everything about me is special.”

Done. Stop timer.

Seriously though, the speed in which you do this doesn’t matter at all. Changing how you feel does.

So let’s expand a little, your limiting belief is no longer limiting, you’ve re-shaped it into a belief. As a bonus, I expanded mine to be more specific and include some extra empowering nuggets of information:

I will lead and be led by other women. I will serve them to give my life fulfilment. I am a leader because I’m giving women and non-binary people a platform to improve their lives and feel empowered.”

Go forward Limit Breaker and change how you see your limiting beliefs. Because you are in charge of your mind, only you can change how you see yourself.

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