client relationships

Category: Working With Clients

3 Tips to Create Better Client Relationships While Working Remotely

Looking to create better client relationships while remote working or working from home? Keep clients for longer with these 5 tips.

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dream client

Category: Getting New Clients

Why the Term ‘Dream Client’ is Damaging Your Business

Service-based or freelance businesses strive to find and acquire their ‘dream client’, but this term is damaging your business. Here’s why.

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freelance schedule

Category: Productivity and Workflow

5 Tips to Create a Flexible Freelance Schedule to Suit You

You can create a flexible freelance schedule for your business. In fact, it’s easy to do with these 5 tips.

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introverts in business

Category: Business Mindset

The Ultimate Guide to Introverts in Business

Our best tips, resources and tools for introverts in business, all in one place from our introvert perspective, to yours.

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how to emotionally detach from work

Category: Business Mindset

How to Emotionally Detach from Work to Preserve Your Wellbeing

How to emotionally detach from work so that you can preserve your own mental and emotional wellbeing regardless of if you love or hate your job.

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