highly sensitive person

Category: Growth

The Most Important Thing I Learned as a Highly Sensitive Person

Here’s one important thing I learned as a highly sensitive person or empath to survive in a world of not so highly sensitive people.

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fear of public speaking introvert

Category: Growth

How I Overcame My Fear of Public Speaking As An Introvert

Fear of public speaking is a massive barrier for a lot of introverts wanting to progress in their jobs, businesses and lives.

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minimalist business

Category: Authentic Business

How I Intend to Create a Minimalist Business

A minimalist business makes sure every decision and process is useful, or enjoyable. So how do I intend to create my own minimalist business?

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introvert bloggers

Category: Lifestyle

4 Introvert Blogs to Look Out For in 2019

Introverts are complicated, stereotyped as shy and reserved. It’s time we changed that with 4 introvert bloggers who are challenging introvert stereotypes.

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