how to find books to read

Category: Personal Development

How to Find The Best Books to Read (Ones That YOU Will Love!)

Learn how to find the best books to read, one that you will love in this step by step article. We share 3 methods you can use.

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How to read more

Category: Personal Development

How to Read More (A Realistic Guide to Reading More Books)

Learn how to read more books with this realistic guide to reading more. Read more no matter if you’re busy, or have kids.

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how to take notes on a book

Category: Productivity

How to Take Notes on a Book (Why You Should Take Notes While Reading)

In this article, I’m going to teach you how how to take notes on a…

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how to read effectively

Category: Business Mindset

How to Read Business Books Effectively (& Not Feel Overwhelmed)

In this article I’m going to teach you how to read business books effectively and how to not feel overwhelmed when reading business books.

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30 day reading challenge

Category: Lifestyle

I Did a 30 Day Reading Challenge and It Changed Everything

In this article I document my journey through a 30 day reading challenge where I read 30 business books in 30 days.

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