empath burnout

Category: Lifestyle

Why Empaths Experience Burnout Like No Other

Ever experienced empath burnout? If so, find out how you can prevent it from happening again with these tips from one empath to another.

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reasons to delete social media

Category: Business

5 Reasons to Delete Social Media From Your Phone

What happened when a millennial introvert removed social media from her phone and how she did it. Plus, 5 reasons to delete social media from your phone.

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social media comparison trap

Category: Business

How to Overcome the Social Media Comparison Trap

Why do we compare ourselves to others on social media even when we know it’s not real life, & how do we stop falling into the social media comparison trap?

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introvert burnout

Category: Business

How to Send Introvert Burnout Packing (For Good)

Learn how to send introvert burnout packing with these tips. Including what to do if you have burnout and how to prevent it in the future.

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beat the winter blues

Category: » Lifestyle

5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues & Enjoy the Season

Winter is filled with cold mornings, dark days and time stuck indoors. It’s no wonder we get the winter blues! Here are our 5 tips to get rid of them.

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mindfulness tools for introverts

Category: » Business

5 of the Best Mindfulness Tools for Introverts

5 of the best mindfulness tools for introverts to help you de-stress, relax and practice self-care. Including apps, podcasts & videos.

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