digital declutter

Category: Authentic Business

Digital Declutter: The Ultimate Guide to Declutter Your Digital Life

Declutter your digital life with this ultimate guide. A complete how-to to do a digital declutter on your phone, computer, email and more.

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minimalist business

Category: Authentic Business

How I Intend to Create a Minimalist Business

A minimalist business makes sure every decision and process is useful, or enjoyable. So how do I intend to create my own minimalist business?

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empath simple life

Category: Lifestyle

The Empath and Stress: Could a Simple Life be The Solution?

An empath takes on the emotions of the people around them. So could creating a simpler life with more intention be the solution to emotional overwhelm?

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how to reduce choice

Category: » Authentic Business

How to Reduce Choice and Make Your Introverted Life Easier

As an introvert I’m a big overthinker, and too much choice stresses me out. So here’s how to reduce choice and make your introverted life easier.

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