Become The Boss of Your Inner Critic

13 September 2018 | by Gina Lucia

The easiest way to become the boss of your inner critic is by seeing your limiting beliefs as projects.

That’s right, your progress-stopping limiting belief is a project and you’re the boss.

  • Like redecorating your living room – it’s a project
  • Just like creating a data sheet for work – it’s a project
  • Just like almost anything that takes time to complete – it’s a project
inner critic

Looking at it this way makes it so much more manageable in our minds. It’s not impossible. It just requires a little planning and our dedicated time.

Some of your limiting beliefs will be large projects, some small, some projects you may never complete and that’s okay.

Before we go into how to plan your new projects, I want to mention something.

Not all limiting beliefs have to be organised projects. You can and will have some that are fluid, you make changes to your life when you’re ready and just by changing your mindset, you will break them.

Let me give you an example:

My health-related limiting belief from this previous post is fluid. It’s not my main priority and most importantly, I don’t want to obsess over it. I don’t want to track my weight, I don’t want to count my steps and I certainly don’t want to take the enjoyment away from it. This limiting belief is about me feeling good about myself, if I were to plan everything about it, then I would take away from that.

the boss of your inner critic

How to become the boss of your inner critic

Some of my other limits require more planning. Take this one:

“I am an introvert so talking in front of a camera, to an audience, or on a podcast just wouldn’t work.”

This seems like a pretty simple stand-alone limit, but in reality, it combines with a few other limits to create a larger project I wanted to work on. This project just so happened to be Limit Breaker.

It doesn’t matter if you lump a bunch of your limiting beliefs together, or just use one of them. The process of creating a Limit Breaker project plan is this:

  • Pick an end goal – this doesn’t have to be completely breaking your limiting belief. For me, it was doing a live workshop about limiting beliefs in front of a group of people
  • Create a list of every single task you can think of that you need to do to get to your end goal. You can do this on a rough sheet of paper
  • Format the list in the order you need to do them. Break each task down into smaller sub-tasks to make it easier (as small as you can make them)
  • Pick a date for the last task on your list – this will give you a deadline (try and make it sooner than you think possible, you might surprise yourself)
  • Work backwards and add a date for each item on the list
  • Then put this list somewhere visible, add the items into your calendar/diary, or whatever you usually do to make sure you don’t miss each task

That’s it. It doesn’t need to be complicated, it doesn’t need to be fancy. You can scale this method up or down depending on the size of your limiting belief but the goal is the same for all. Break large tasks down as much as possible to make them mentally and physically more manageable.

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