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About Gina Lucia

I help overthinking business owners calm their mind so they can finally achieve their goals and create life-fulfilling businesses.

I'm here to guide you away from self-doubt, imposter syndrome and stress so you can feel confident, clear-headed and excited about the future of your life and business.

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Let's get the facts straight...


I'm an INFJ-T

I'm a coffee snob


I have 80 houseplants and counting


I have two furbabies

I'm a proud monthly supporter of:

Black Lives Matter

I donate each month to support the tireless efforts of Black Lives Matter. Join the Movement:

Black Lives Matter

Offset Earth

I donate each month to create a climate positive workforce. See how many trees I've planted and plant some of your own below:

I offset my carbon footprint via Offset Earth

I write monthly for...

Simplify Everything Magazine

Simplify Everything magazine is a digital publication that empowers you to simplify your life.

If you're ready for a life with more freedom, more adventure, more authenticity. And - more YOU, then this magazine will show you how to get it.

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I've been on...

Live Well. Live Simply podcast talking about simplifying productivity, overthinking and YouTube.

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