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I help businesswomen get more clients and create profitable and sustainable service-based businesses.

I do this by sharing simple, straightforward and practical advice from my direct experiences as a service-based business owner for 10+ years.

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Limit Breaker Gina Lucia

My story...

I was at my lowest when I was working as a freelancer and didn’t know where my next client was coming from.

Not only was I constantly stressed and anxious about money, but I was blaming my introversion for my lack of success.

I’d tried every 5-step formula and coach advice out there. None of it worked.

I was desperate for change and so instead of listening to others, I turned to myself and got back to business basics.

This shift resulted in me earning a regular income for my business, but more importantly, I gained confidence and finally felt proud of myself (because I always knew I had it in me).

You have it in you too. Find out why with the 12 most important lessons I’ve ever learned as an introverted businesswoman.

I was once camera-shy

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