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About Gina Lucia

I’m you’re average overthinking, impatient, introverted business owner with an extreme fascination with how our minds work.

I’m here to explore topics like business mindset, productivity, personal development and while I’m at it, I might as well get a bit existential. After all, I already said I'm an overthinker!

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I was once camera-shy

Now I'm on YouTube!

It took me years to get on YouTube because although I wanted to do it, I believed I couldn't because I'm an introvert.

This limiting belief held me back for years, so in 2020 I decided to start my channel.

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Let's get the facts straight...


I'm an INFJ-T

I'm a coffee snob


I absolutely love plants


I have two furbabies

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Black Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter

Offset Earth

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Simplify Everything Magazine

Simplify Everything magazine is a digital publication that empowers you to simplify your life.

If you're ready for a life with more freedom, more adventure, more authenticity. And - more YOU, then this magazine will show you how to get it.

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