4 Books to Read in 2020 to Boss Your Introvert Business

9 January 2020 | by Gina Lucia

If you’re running an introvert business then you know how easy it is to get distracted by business books. The options are endless, but how can we truly find books that will help our businesses specifically as introverts?

An introvert perspective is not an extroverted one. In order for you to not feel overwhelmed by information, learn actionable strategies and build an introvert business you love, we’ve compiled our top 4 books specifically picked with introvert business owners in mind.

introvert business books

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Our top 4 books for your introvert business

Company of One by Paul Jarvis

company of one

We live in a world full of business growth, we’re taught to build more wealth, grow our businesses and earn more than ever. But usually all that growth comes at the expense of your time – something you can never make more of.

Company of One’s philosophy is that you can be a highly profitable, sustainable company of one without running yourself into the ground. It’s a refreshingly minimalist approach to business that focuses on making your business better, not bigger.

Why it works for introverts:

  • Create real life-balance by being strategic with your work
  • Strategies for working smarter instead of harder
  • A refreshing read that’s not overwhelming
  • A new perspective on online business that’s not all about courses and marketing

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Deep Work by Cal Newport

deep work

Focusing without distraction is a rare skill in our busy modern worlds. It’s not every day that we get true quiet time to hunker down and get a task done. In fact, we are so lacking in this and get so distracted by ‘time-sucking’ tasks that we take longer to achieve our goals.

In Deep Work, Cal Newport focuses on the benefits of doing deep work and how you can integrate it into your work life to get more done in less time. It’s a serious look into our modern world, how we do business and what we can do to improve.

Why it works for introverts:

  • A reminder of our need for quiet work environments
  • Filled with stories and examples of how deep work has changed history
  • Actionable strategies to help you implement deep work practices
  • A brilliant and uplifting read

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The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

4-hour workweek

This may be a cliche but I truly believe this book has some seriously good tips for introverts to implement into their businesses. 

The 4-Hour Workweek works on the premise that you can work less, earn more and generally escape the business rat race. It’s full of actionable tips to help you implement time-saving strategies into your life and business. 

Its claims are huge, but rather than looking at the book as a whole, I want you to pick and choose which sections of the book you ‘listen’ to. In particular, there are sections about email management, outsourcing and taking breaks that I think are particularly helpful for introverted business owners.

Why it works for introverts:

  • Actionable tips to implement quickly
  • Filled with stories and examples to make for a more interesting read
  • Pay particular attention to sections that align with you – take others with a pinch of salt

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Essentialism by Greg McKeown 


Essentialism combines many of the philosophies of the above books. Generally, it’s about the pursuit of less in your business, making intentional and disciplined decisions and focusing on only the essential.

By taking this approach, essentialism allows us to regain control of our decisions, focus in on our tasks and be more efficient business owners.

Why it works for introverts:

  • Filled with examples and stories as evidence for its philosophy
  • Much needed advice on focusing for us overthinking introverts
  • An antidote to the stress, burnout and compulsion to do everything
  • Advice on how to say no to the wrong things and yes to the right things

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So there we have it, four brilliant and refreshingly different business books to read for your introvert business in 2020. It’s with these books in combination or on their own, that we introverts can improve our businesses without feeling overwhelmed.

Now I’d like to know, what business books would you recommend for introverted business owners? Leave them in the comments below.

4 Books to Read in 2020 to Boss Your Introvert Business
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4 Books to Read in 2020 to Boss Your Introvert Business
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  1. Brittany Martin

    18th January 2020 at 8:40 PM

    Essentialism is next on my list. I’m currently reading 7 habits of highly effective people, have you tried it? There’s lots to take away from all of these but it’s always the implementation given yourself that is the hardest part!

    • Gina Lucia

      19th January 2020 at 12:33 PM

      I have not! I will add it to my list – thanks!


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