how to use keywords

Box #3: How to Use Keywords



Use keywords to enhance your content and your reach with this Introverts Mean Business subscription box.

Understand keywords, find the right ones for you and use them to enhance your content, not control it. This box is video-based and jargon-free so you can follow along and get to grips with SEO (search engine optimisation).

*This box requires you to at least have used an SEO plugin like Yoast or Squirrly (not in-depth, just the real basics) to follow along*

Do you:

  • Know that finding the right keywords could help you rank higher on Google but don’t know where to start?
  • Use an SEO WordPress plugin but that’s about the extent of your SEO experience?
  • Create content you know will benefit your audience, but nobody is finding it?
  • Simply want to take control of your website and move beyond social media?

This box can help you:

  • Learn the basics of keywords and how they work
  • Find ones to enhance the content you already want to make, instead of controlling it
  • Reach your target audience using keywords as a tool
  • Figure out which keyphrases are worth you targeting
  • Organise and track them in the least overwhelming way possible

The contents:

Find, track and utilise keywords to suit your business and audience. Instead of a mini-podcast, this box contains an instructional video to help you through the tools and resources mentioned.

Also in this box is a spreadsheet you can use to monitor your selected keyphrases and create blog titles from them.

  • 2x instructional videos for understanding keywords
  • 1x link to & file of ‘Keywords for Content’ spreadsheet
  • 1x monthly challenge
  • 2x social media quote images free for you to use

This box comes packaged as a ZIP file. Please download it, unzip and read the file ‘Box3- Keywords Welcome Packet’ first. This will give you everything you need to know to get started.

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Don't just take it from us:

Lauren Sapala

"I LOVE the Introverts Mean Business subscription box! I have a small child and a full-time business, so I’m short on time, but the Introverts Mean Business subscription box contains content that is just right for me to listen to and work with on my busy schedule.

I also really appreciated the focus on introverted women and how it’s mentioned in the mini-podcast that sometimes things like live streaming and live chat don’t work for introverted online entrepreneurs.

After getting just the very first box, I felt way more empowered to move forward in my business, and way more excited about it too."

> Lauren Sapala, Author of The INFJ Writer

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Roxana Alexandru

"When the Introverts Mean Business subscription box flew in my radar, I was instantly floored. Here’s an offering that allows me to use my introverted strengths to build an authentic connection with my clients!

Gina’s first subscription box was a true treasure in my inbox! Not only was I able to implement her advice, but I’m SO excited for the next subscription box to come because let’s face it, introverts DO mean business, and having her support and help along the way, just makes it that much more fun! Do yourself a favor and try it out – I promise you won’t be disappointed, else my name isn’t Honestrox."

> Roxana Alexandru, Introvert Coach at HonestRox